The kyokkou nenshi

Kyokko Nenshi is a small company that runs a twisting of industrial special fiber, in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture.

Although Kyokkou nenshi is a small company, we do not have lost the leading companies through passion and experience to be applied to the twisting.

We order to respond maximally to customer needs, even after processing such as coating or weaving not twist yarn only supports.

We have developed our technical capabilities in the experience and spirit of challenge.If you think that "Can you twisting like ???", Please contact us at any time.

Basic Information

  • President : Shingo Asano
  • Address : 1-32 Nakajima-dori Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture
  • Capital : 3 million yen
  • Established : 1972
  • Number of employees : 15
  • Business : Inorganic fiber Twisting
  • Photograph kyokkou nenshi front


From President

President Shingo Asano nenshi means to be twist the thread.

The word of twisting means twist a few of thin thread, and tangled together, to make such a single string

By thread of material that intertwined, we can make the product (thread) with various features.

Making up a variety of products by Company and cooperation companies intertwined forces is as same as twisting threads.

Like twisting threads, we will continue to work hard so that we can answer to customer needs.


  • 1972 Established
  • 1972 Plant established
  • 1974 Met the glass fiber
  • 1976 Asano Shingo was appointed to the President

twisting machine

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

 What is mean "rich profit" ? "profit" might come to mind is money of image. We not only financial benefit, pursuing soft benefits

Management policy


 Becomes a rich heart is not only us, all the people involved in the Company be become a rich heart, It ie is to "to provide happiness".