Work of Kyokko Nenshi is to twist the various types of yarn.Thread for the industry is the main commodity, Also performed often post-processing, such as coating and weaving after twisting.
In other words "To create a yarn and fiber products to suit the specifications required by the customer."is our company's bussiness.
Our mission is to meet the demands of the customers, like "Can you make this thread, Can you make this fabric?"

We are good at twisting of inorganic fibers. Features of inorganic fibers are 1)light and strong, 2)Corrosion-free, 3)Not stretch. In addtion, features of Glass Fiber are 1)High thermal insulation, 2)High electrical insulation properties, 3)Strong chemical resistance, and has characteristic that 1)Electrical conductivity、2)High wear resistance、3)High heat resistance. Since the inorganic fiber is poor elasticity, we must have experience and know-how in order to twisting.
Also, by twisting inorganic fibers and natural fibers (cotton, hemp wool), the synthetic fiber or metal fiber together, it is possible to produce a yarn characterized unprecedented. so we called hibrid fiber. By changing Each yarn thickness, the mixing ratio of the fibers, twisting way (direction, strength, etc.), characteristics of yarn will change. Here is our experience and know-how. They are proud to not be outdone in other companies.

Anyway, ask us please.

Examples of products

Glass fiber

The Grass fiber is made by towing a melted grass. It has higher pulling strength than other fiber, and is excellent in heat registance, corrosion registance and moisture registance as compared to other ones. Twisted glass fiber appears in the lower photographs.

Thick glass textured yarn
Thick glass textured yarn(magnified)

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is made by carbonizing at a high temperature acrylic fibers or pitch (by-products, such as petroleum, coal, coal tar) to the raw material.Ther first catarteristic is light and strong, and has excelent in wear registance, in heat registance, in thermal expansion and contraction of, in acid registance and in electrical conductivity. Twisted carbon fiber appears in the lower photographs.

Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber twisting to the mall-like

Basalt fiber

Basalt fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, which is composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine, it is fiber of the environmental conservation type to turn into fiberglass and a carbon fiber. Because is has excellent heat resistance and can be burned, it is environmentally friendly materials。

Basalt yarn
basalt roving

Hirid fiber

The hybrid is meaning that forms two (or more) one object of a combination heterogeneous ones, It is a fiber that was twisted organic fibers and metallic yarn to inorganic fiber.

metallic yarn
glass fiber and metallic yarn