History of technology development

Pregident Asano Shingo is taking advantage of working experience in leading spinning company, he has been developping technologies related to the twisting of inorganic fibe. and has been out birth yarn a new industorila materials.
Introduce development tecnology catalogs here since we created that.

 Number of products is still less, we will continue to increase, please expected.

Technology catalogs

1. 3 microns (400 configuration) twisted glass yarn Challenged to twisting of 3 microns (400 configuration) yarn twisted yarn was not possible with. It took long time but we ware success, and It became our main product.
2. Doubling basalt roving product out 600Tex roving materials doubling 300Tex basalt roving yarn
3. Reuse carbon fiber thrum Reusing carbon fiber thrum, reproduce to an available thread to the product for the purpose of reinforcing structures
4. Twisting nylon monofilament Twist the strong strechy nlylon monofilament
5. Bumpy twisting of basalt roving yarn Prototype to Basalt loving yarn not blukiness but appearaance shae of twisted yarn is bumpy.

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